Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Reporting Team

We are a group of students from Aden Bowman Collegiate in Saskatoon. As part of our e Journalism class we are reporting on the Courageous Conversations, November 15th, 2016 in Saskatoon at TCU Place.

Allow us to introduce our team: 

My name is Kimia Bayattork and I am from Iran. It has been 4 years since my family and I moved to Canada. I, a young adult full of hopes and dreams, am proud to call Canada my home for the opportunities and challenges upon my feet in these years. It is my honour to serve here and educate the next generations.

My name is Rekha Whittaker. I was born in Jamaica. I moved to Canada in the year 2010 and have been living here for approximately 6 years and in Saskatchewan for around 5 years. I would consider Jamaica and Canada to both be my home, having family and a sentimental connection, to each place. One thing that I find interesting and amazing about this universe, is its magnitude and how little we know about it. 

Aashana Patel ☺

My family immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 2001 while I lived in India. We united after 9 years and moved to Saskatchewan in 2010. I consider Saskatoon, Canada and Ahmedabad, India my home therefore I can fluently speak Gujrati, English and Hindi. Taking all this and my religion into consideration I believe is what makes my voice unique, having different views some representing the minorities.

My name is Andrew Batycki. I've lived in Saskatchewan my whole life and that gives me great insight into here and now. My favourite thing about the universe is how unique it is. However my one concern is that this uniqueness is getting buried by hate and fear.

My name is Frank Sun. I was born is Mainland China, and have been living in Saskatoon about 4 years. I believe that I am unique because I am a bilingual speaker( Mandarin and English), which means I can look things through different cultural perspectives. By speaking these lovely languages, I can build a bridge to let more people understand east and west. One thing that I love about the universe is that we can know how small we are, the only way to be stronger is to work together.

My name is Meagan Hong. I am very passionate in the arts which makes my voice take on the perspective of an artist. My ancestors come from Vietnam and my parents have lived in Saskatchewan, Canada for about 35 years. My home is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and I speak Cantonese, English and French fluently. Buddhism influences my values and views on the world. However, art, especially the visual arts is the foundation of my life and my deep concern is that systems create a drift away from creativity.

Good day and नमस्ते. My name is Vaidehee Lanke. I am a 16-year attempting to use my citizenship skills and powers to bring our communities together. My family and I have called Saskatoon home for the 11 years. Before arriving here, I lived in the United States, New Zealand and India. Home to me is where my family is and today, I am proud to call Saskatoon, Wellington, Madison and Mumbai home. A deep concern of mine is, "How can we, in an increasingly divided society, can come together to tackle 21st century challenges?"

My name is Aleena Khawaja. I am a Canadian-born citizen with an ethnically Pakistani background. I have seen many countries within the world. I would like to contribute my insights to make our nation a better place through the point of view of a minority and youth. Our curriculum is made by people much older than us. As a result, my fellow classmates and I feel that it does not accurately meet the requirement for the development in skills that youth may need to make to a change in the future. 

My name is Emma Zuck; I am half Chinese and half Ukrainian and I was born in Saskatoon. I have a lot to say (which I'm sure the pink hair gave away!) I discovered intersectional feminism at age 14 and have been an advocate for social justice ever since. My activism is shaped by my own experiences, my biracial identity, and, most of all, those who inspire me. I believe in my fellow millennials. Despite the humourless snapchat addicts were made out to be, we're really just out here trying to change the world.

My name is Lorena Yeung. As a Hong Kong born Canadian, I am raised under the influence of both Asian and Western cultures. It is like wearing a yellow shirt in a mostly white world, I have experienced cultural stereotypes throughout my life. Yet, these beliefs didn't limit me and my family's sense in feeling proud of our own identities. I hope that through this conference, our nation will strive for a much more compassionate atmosphere where all citizens regardless of theri race, belief, gender, disabilities etc, will be respected, and be seen as equal.

Hello, I am Joe Zuck, half Chinese half Ukrainian. I've lived in Saskatoon my entire life. I got into the enviroment scene in elementary school and have been hooked since. I am very intrigued by the sciences and global warming,  I want to see Saskatoon evolve into a cleaner and more sustainable city. The team that has been created continues to amaze me, we have a great mind set, and together we can get anything done! And yes, Emma Zuck and I are twins.

My name is Yekta Eslambolchi, and I was born in Iran. I've lived in Canada for nearly 10 years, and in Saskatchewan for one.  My experiences and worldview have allowed me to see the limitations of our society, and I'm proud to be a voice of change, now and in the future.

Hello, my name is Emilia Elliott. I'm originally from Jasper, Alberta but moved to Saskatoon in 2002 so I consider it my home. My grandfather immigrated to Canada from Greece and my Grandmother from Holland, so I feel very strong connection to those places as well. I'm every interested in environmental issues and politics, which one day I hope can go hand in hand. I hope to continue exercising my citizenship today and in the future.

Hi, I'm Amandri Dahanayake! I was born in Sri Lanka and I've lived in England, but Canada has been my favourite place to call home so far. I'm fluent in English and Sinhalese, but I can speak a little bit of a lot of other languages! I'm a Buddhist, and I believe my faith plays a huge part in my passion for fighting for social justice issues. In the simplest words, my wish for the universe is for everyone to find happiness.

MY name is Hao Luong. My family immigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada in 2008 from Hochiminh city Vietnam. I am currently 16-year, as a young teen with a lot to say, I want to bring about a sense of community within Canada. Influence by my peers and teachers I became an activist for social justice issues and empowered to make a difference within Canada a place I call home.

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