Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How much of your classroom learning encourages critical thinking? Memorization?

A student poll in response to Dr. Joel Westheimer's plenary speech:

  • In English I am able to Psychoanalyze Macbeth and look at parts of his mind, rather than memorize passages.

  • TOK ; encourages critical thinking, and makes you question what you know

  • Collective voice (social justice program offered at bowman in grade 9)

  • Getting to do a presentation on “positive” Asian stereotypes and the model minority myth as an English final

  • In English class when learning about future careers and the paths we can take, our English teacher asked us (in reference to the UN sustainability goals): “when considering what you want to do in the future, do not only focus on a career, instead as what world problem can you help solve?” 

  • Getting to write a piece on the implementation of a sex ed curriculum that isn't heteronormative and abstinence focused (in English)

  • In History, we have to understand the context the event is taking place in and create conclusions from that instead of mindlessly memorizing dates and exactly what happened during that time (ex: WWI: Inquiry Question: What factors allowed WWI to take place?  How can we prevent the same factors from recurring?)

  • At conferences like this! (Which we were given the opportunity through school)

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