Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Observations of Afternoon Roundtables (Frank and Aleena)

Helps to talk about citizenship
Time limitation
Wonderful thing => placed in a language of a dominant culture => see concepts in Indigenous language  (Patranomen - live life ina good way/Cree)
WHat other ways can we honor the languages from this land? More powerful if we saw indigenous languages represented in the document
Support to classroom
Require teachers to swift their thinking => inquiry => swift in teaching => to be effective, change mindset
Consist of amazing ideas
Words are hard to understand, not  accessible
Good start
Swift away from citizenship education
Wasn’t until provincial gov. Turned treaties into curriculum => set of concepts will only be accepted once it reaches the curriculum
Letting kids ask questions
Education priorities set => conservative effort to achieve specific goals => reading levels, math levels, graduation rates => advanced in strategic way => this document must become a part of curriculum

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