Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Observations of Afternoon Roundtables (Yekta and Lorena)

  • Unless tied to a specific curriculum, it doesn't get done
  • "Is it a done deal."
  • Cross-curricular connections 
  • Families need help bc worried about young people - crisis end
  • Code of ethics as social workers
  • Standards of care
  • How does healing come into play - ex. aftermath of student suicide
  • Go straight to addiction - stops learning
  • With education less crisis prevalent because they Have the tools to manage
  • Focused on disruption not impact
  • Teachers willing but don't have the means to help. Teachers worried about offending somebody 
  • Reduce stigma so more people feel comfortable to talk open mindedly 
  • Unclear logistics (how , time, where does it start)
  • Isolation - > sometimes isolated group doesn't reach out because they feel like there is no one to trust

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