Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Charting the Successes of Canada's School System

As per Dr. Joel Westheimer's talk:

Expectations Met
Hasn’t Met
not taught about just one vision of truth
attention to local people and context
Most citizens are being educated in demorcy country
schooling as more than job training
In our schools were taught about where we live a democracy but also informed of other types of power. We have more than one perspective being presented

being taught how to be a critical thinker (somewhat met?)

The “normal” education system that students faced( lack of creativity)
Still mostly a vision that is eurocentric
We accept people’s differing perspectives and opinions
accurate standardization (very narrow curriculum)

our curriculum includes more than strictly math & literacy
He talked about the one perspective, but we are assessed by one method and one perspective in school.
Professional citizen education( respect to others, review what you had learned,etc)
Deprofessionalization => standardize for basic skills

Standardized the curriculum
teaching us to engage as a citizenship at a participatory & personal responsibility level
teachers not being respected professionally; too much demand on testing
arm chair activists
Obsession with measurements => but Grade ‘inflation’ in some schools => how do we know these tests are accurate

start to only care about skills we can measure

Be creative and obsessed into the critical thinking

Involve more focus on arts

Provide food for students/gum chewing

teaching us to be social justice oriented citizens

Few programs that address social justice issues => root causes of problems => only study movements

A study of a link between a nation’s economy and how students do well

connect what you learn in school to the outside world

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